• 500mA
  • 7 Ranges
  • Over/Under range LEDs
  • 3.5 digit Meter
  • Buffered Potential Output
  • Buffered Current Output


  • 1 Amp
  • 2 Amp
  • 5 Amp
  • 6 Amp
  • Battery Powered

Zero Resistance Ammeter (ZRA)

Manual Zero Resistance Ammeter

Many users like the single function Zero Resistance Ammeter. It is very simple to use and ideal for testing simple galvanic couples. Having a meter on the front makes it easy to monitor the Galvanic Current visually every few hours. Perfect for any laboratory and is also ideal for use in a teaching establishment, it gives the student a good feel for corrosion.

Its purpose is to measure the galvanic current flowing between two electrodes, WE1 and WE2, which act as if they are coupled by a zero resistance wire and to monitor the potential of the galvanic couple.

[ZRA Datasheet]