• 10mV square wave LPR
  • LPR reading 0 - 200mpy
  • ZRA Range 0 - 200µA
  • Test length : 40 seconds
  • Simple to use
  • Weight : 300g

Optional Extras

  • 5 Year Warranty
ACM Instruments Pocket Machine

This battery powered instrument features measurement of Linear Polarisation Resistance and ZRA currents for the determination of corrosion rates and galvanic currents. Incorporating a lithium battery and LCD screen taking a reading of corrosion rate is simply a matter of pressing one button, once. After 40 seconds the corrosion rate is displayed on the screen, 40 seconds later the instrument turns itself off.

Housed in a small pocket sized case this light but tough instrument may be taken to places other corrosion monitoring instruments cannot reach. Ideal for issuing to non-technical staff for routine corrosion logging the simple Pocket Machine fits neatly into its protective case. Measuring LPR via the well established 2 electrode square wave method and galvanic currents by utilising a built in high precision Zero Resistance Ammeter the internal potentiostat. Built to the same high standards as ACM's laboratory equipment.

If you wish to purchase a Pocket Machine, discuss options, or perhaps request a quotation please phone, contact us, we're always ready to help.

[Pocket Machine Datasheet]