• Portable
  • Battery Powered
  • 1 to 1000 mA
  • Adjustable Time
  • Simple Operation


  • Nuclear Submarines
  • Weld Testing
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)
  • Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)
  • Sensitised Paper

An example of ACM's speciality range, the dockyard weld tester supplies a measured current to an electrode separated from a weld by sensitised paper.

A portable instrument with internal battery and built-in recharger ideal for use in the confines of a nuclear submarine. The desired current is set using a dialled knob  between 1 mA and 1000 mA in 1 mA steps. The instrument automatically adjusts the output voltage up to 10 volts in order to supply the current.

It is also possible to set the pulse time from 1 to 60 seconds in 1 second intervals using two rotary switches. A small light indicates battery condition. After the current is passed through the impregnated paper the state of the weld is diagnosed from the resulting colour change.

 [Dockyard Weld Tester Datasheet]