• 12 ZRA's
  • 12 RE Buffers
  • 4 Current Ranges
  • Fail Safe Couple
  • Simple Operation
  • 7 mA Maximum Current
  • 24 Bit ADC's


  • C & V Noise
  • Galvanic Currents
  • Localised Corrosion
  • SCC
  • Pitting

GalvoGill 12

This instrument measures galvanic currents and couple potentials.

The criteria behind this design was multiple channel, best value, fail-safe and simplicity. Each of the twelve channels comprises two working electrodes (to make the couple) and a reference electrode. The couple is maintained by 12 individual Zero Resistance Ammeters (ZRA's) and the reference electrodes input to 12 very high impedance buffers.

The couple is maintained with mains power on or off as a fail-safe measure. Each ZRA has a maximum current of 7 mA and offers 4 ranges of count resistors, measuring down to 0.2 nA. The measurement of current and voltage is performed by a pair of 24 bit converters running with full mains frequency rejection. Set-up and running of the experiment is performed via one simple page, reflecting the robust nature of the instruments origin. The maximum read rate is four channels per second which makes the instrument ideal for both current and voltage noise and long term galvanic testing. A good value, tried and tested design, ideal for very long term experiments and short tests alike.

[GalvoGill 12 Datasheet]