• Measurement Unit
  • 12 Remote Heads
  • Screw Set Potential
  • Accurate Potentiostat
  • Sensitive ZRA
  • Low Noise
  • Simple Software


  • Laboratory
  • On Site
  • Probe Development
  • Acid Systems
  • Corrosion Rate

Base unit plus 12 individually boxed Potentiostat and Zero Resistance Ammeter combinations in screened boxes for hydrogen permeation current monitoring.

This instrument comprises of a base unit containing power supplies, RS 232 interface and analysers plus 12 individual diecast boxes linked to the base unit via cable. Within each diecast box is a low power, low noise potentiostat and fixed range ZRA.

The philosophy behind this equipment is to keep the high impedance cable paths from the sensitive hydrogen permeation probes as short as possible to reduce noise. This is achieved by placing the remote potentiostats and ZRA's right next to the probe, and running low impedance cables back to the central unit.

Each individual potentiostat can be adjusted via a sealed 25 turn potentiometer between -1.2 V and +1.2 V. The current is measured via a fixed range ZRA covering 0.7 mA to 0.01 μA.

The software allows for the setting of read rate, and channel on/off, plus filename for data storage. Stored as ASCII the data allows the charge passed to be plotted, and the amount of hydrogen permeating to be calculated.

A novel instrument designed to overcome any problems of noise pickup in industrial environments.

[Hydrogen Permeation 12 Datasheet]