• Portable
  • Battery and Charger
  • Six LCD Displays
  • Applies 5 Currents
  • Displays Icorr & Ecorr
  • Automatic


  • Column Root Corrosion
  • Standard Test
  • Safety Testing
  • Other Soil Corrosion
  • Galvanostatic Use

A portable meter to measure the corrosion rate of metal lamp posts in the ground.

The system applies small controlled currents in a fixed sequence and measures the potential variation from which the column root free corrosion potential is taken. The measurement sequence is automatic on a start button. Each measured value is displayed on six LCD displays on the front panel. The case used is a waterproof 'peli' diver's case.

External connections are made to (a) the column, (b) a driven stainless steel pin and (c) a Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode. The system is light and portable with built in battery and battery charger.

Currents applied during the test sequence are 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10 mA. The sequence consists of measuring Ecorr followed by a routine of current application identical for each current step, i.e. apply each current, measure potential responses, calculate Icorr and display. The negative current is applied for 1 minute, then the positive current for one minute. The resulting Icorr is held on one of the 6 LCD's and the test progresses to the next current. When all are done the test stops and I corr is displayed on each LCD until the start button is pushed again or the instrument is turned off.

A novel meter to perform a specific test, light and easy to use.

[Lamp Post Logger Datasheet]