• 12 Remote Instruments in IP65 Wall mount enclosures
  • Central PC
  • Galvanic Monitoring
  • Potential Monitoring
  • Records Thermocouple
  • Reads Flow Meter
  • Current & Voltage (1024 Points)
  • Graphical Dial Display
  • Corrosion Alarms


  • Hazardous Areas
  • Process Plant
  • Cooling Systems
  • Dissolvers
  • Crevice Corrosion
  • Biological Corrosion

A central controlling PC which monitors and analyses the data from 12 remote signal collecting and conditioning units.

Each remote unit performs the following functions: Monitoring the galvanic current between two pairs of electrodes. Monitoring the potential of a galvanic couple. Reads K type thermocouples. Reads 2 DC signals from auxiliary equipment such as flow meters. Once triggered to read 1024 points of current and voltage the unit operates independently of the host PC, storing the data to internal memory.

Each unit is powered from mains with internal batteries to allow for interruption of supply. Sealed to IP 65 and connected to the PC via limited distance industrial modems (with a range of 8 Km) they are equipped with twin 24 bit ADC's and 6 range ZRA's.

The software supplied operates the remote units (all or any number) simultaneously. It enables the storage and graphical representation of the data scans in the usual electrochemical way (current and voltage versus time plus FFT.). A graphical display of all channels is shown on the screen. Each channel is represented by a dial and a pointer. The dial is coloured red amber and green. When a channel goes into the red an audible alarm sounds and a relay closes. The DC inputs and temperature are displayed and can also trip alarms above a set value. Storage of data to HDD and DVD is performed to enable archiving of all the data.

A very sophisticated current and voltage monitor for plant use and, like all ACM products, it can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

[Plant Noise Apparatus Datasheet]