• 20 or 30 ZRA's
  • Up to 20 mA per ZRA 
  • 20 or 30 RE Buffers
  • Isolated Galvanic Couples
  • Isolated References
  • Fixed Range 20
  • Auto Range 30
  • Robust Software


  • Same Cell Testing
  • Crevice Corrosion
  • Nuclear Plant
  • C & V Noise
  • Mixed Metal Studies

Isolated 30

A pair of instruments for monitoring 20 or 30 isolated channels for galvanic current and voltage.

This design allows for individual pairs of working electrodes, with reference electrode, to be used in a common electrolyte without stray galvanic coupling between the pairs. The galvanic couples are maintained by 20 or 30 individual Zero Resistance Ammeters (ZRA's), each galvanically isolated from the others.

The 20 channel instrument has a single fixed range for each ZRA, usually 0.1 micro Amp to 7 mA (this may be specified on ordering, e.g. 1 nA to 70 micro Amps). For many systems this is perfect, offering a very low noise and cost effective solution.

The 30 channel instrument has two ranges per ZRA's switched as needed by software for maximum resolution. This extends the range from 2 nA to 7 mA.

Measurement of current and voltage is performed by a pair of 24 bit ADC's, multiplexed through optical isolators to measure each channel. The set-up software simply allows for turning a channel on and off, allocating a file name for the data and setting the read rate. During a run the returned values of current and voltage for each channel is displayed and data saved in ASCII format.

Both are ideal instruments for testing coupled electrodes over long term, the isolation of each channel allows the complexity of the experimental arrangement to be reduced by using just one electrolyte, cell, autoclave etc. If you have no need of 30 channels or even 20 then you can specify the number of channels you require. Please contact ACM Instruments for more details.

[Isolated 20 & 30 Datasheet]


Isolated 6 - Portable version of Isolated 30

Isolated 6

Portable six channel version of the Isolated 20 & 30 with the same specification but housed in a waterproof case for use in the field (Laptop shown for illustration purposes - optional extra)