Gal 16 with single 1.3mA / 3mA switch

Gal 16 with single 1.3mA / 3mA switch


Pot 16 with Galvanostat option

Pot 16 with Galvanostat option. Each channel can operate independantly in either Potentiostat or Galvanostat mode.  Each channel can also be switched to -1.5V or -3.5V fixed potentials in Potentiostat mode or 1.3mA or 3mA in Galvanostat mode.






  • Cathodic Protection
  • Coating and Cathodic Disbondment


  • AS-3862, AS/NZS4352:1995 Method A & B and many more.


  • 16 Galvanostats
  • 100mA output per channel
  • Current output is either Fixed, variable or selectable by switch
  • High Impedance RE
  • Fixed Currents
  • Very Stable
  • Measure Current
  • Measure RE


  • Higher current output per channel
  • Fixed, variable or switched Current Output per individual, group or all channels
  • 1 - 24 Channel versions available on request.

Long term testing at fixed currents is vital in many branches of corrosion, coatings, Cathodic protection and electrochemistry. The Gal 16 offers 16 individual Galvanostats (number of channels can be determined by your needs). This instrument is ideal for parallel galvanostatic testing.

Output current can either be fixed, selected by a switch, or variable via a 10-turn dialled knob. Extra optional current selector may be added and channels grouped.   Disbondment tests that require a fixed current such as the Australian and New Zealand standards (AS-3862, AS/NZS4352) would require a 3mA fixed current.   Please specify which standards you require when quoting.  We will ensure your Gal 16 complies.

A single dialled knob is fitted as standard, to allow a wide range of fixed currents to be selected for all channels. Additional dialled knobs may be specified to allow different fixed currents on groups of channels. In some cases a variable fixed current is not desirable, in which case, switches may be specified to allow selection between fixed currents e.g. 1.3mA & 3mA.

Alternatively up to 4 fixed currents may be ordered and allocated between the 16 channels at no extra cost. For example channels 1 to 8 could be set to 1.5mA, channels 9 to 11 set to 3mA, channel 12 to 14 set to 3.5mA and 15 to 16 set at 4mA.

To increase the value of these tests both current and voltage are monitored and stored. The current should stay constant at the set current but if this is not the case it is usually an indication of problems with the cell (for example a bubble in the Luggin probe).

The Gal 16 can easily be customised to the customers specifications. Higher current output, more channels, less channels, waterproof enclosure, alternative connectors and battery powered option are all possible.  The Gal 16 is infinitely variable. It is designed to accomodate the needs and specifications of the end user.

All ACM instruments come with a two year warranty which may, at low cost, be increased to five years for peace of mind.

Please contact us for more details.

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Gal 4

4 Channel version of the Gal 16 in a smaller enclosure. 4 Channels controlled by a fixed current. You could even have a current switch or variable current per channel or for any number of channels.  The choice is yours. 

Gal 24

24 Channel version of the Gal 16 in a larger enclosure.  

Pot 16 with Galvanostat

Same as a Pot 16 but you can choose either Potentiostat or Galvanostat mode for each channel.   Like any Pot 16 variant the Pot 16 with Galvanostat is easily customised with a range of specifications and options to suit everyone.