• 10 Amp Potentiostat
  • One Hundred ZRA's
  • 100 mA per ZRA
  • Eight 24 bit ADC's
  • Easy to Use Software


  • Fuel Cell Development
  • Battery Research
  • Critical Pitting Testing
  • Current & Voltage Noise
  • Multisample Testing

One 10 Amp potentiostat and one hundred 100 mA Zero Resistance Ammeters.

The Indomitable 100 is a very large PC controlled instrument for research on electrode arrays, such as found in fuel cell studies. The potentiostat voltage is set with an 18 bit DAC covering +/- 5 Volts.

Each ZRA has a fixed range covering 100 mA to 1.5 μA.

Eight 24 bit analysers continuously read the output from the ZRA's and reference electrode buffer, averaging and recording to hard disc at a rate determined by the operator.

The software is a simple single page covering set up parameters of set potential, read rate, channel status, electrode area, and data file name. The latest reading is displayed for each of the 100 ZRA's and this data is saved to disc as the experiment progresses.

A very impressive piece of equipment, all ZRA's and potentiostat are short circuit proof to ensure they do not fail if a connection is made incorrectly. The power supplies for the instrument are bought-in from a large specialist manufacturer and are very reliable.

[Indomitable 100 Datasheet]