• 30 Channels
  • True Three Electrode
  • Three Current Ranges
  • LPR Sweep
  • 24 Bit Analysers
  • Simultaneous


  • Aqueous Corrosion
  • Inhibitor Formulation
  • Paint Testing
  • Product Screening
  • General laboratory Use

Thirty potentiostats and ZRA's to monitor corrosion rate from 30 three electrode cells.

The Parallel 30 LPR comprises thirty channels, two or three electrode. Each channel has a dedicated potentiostat and a four range Zero Resistance Ammeter (ZRA). The current ranges may be selected via on-board jumpers to suit the test. The maximum current is 20 mA per channel, the other ranges are 2 mA, 0.2 mA and 0.02 mA maximum.

The current measurements are performed by two 24 bit ADC's, with full mains rejection. The cells can be two or three electrode, when in three electrode mode the software allows for the Linear Polarisation Resistance (LPR) test to be performed at the rest potential. During a test all active channels are polarised together, and the LPR result obtained simultaneously from all channels. The software is a single page allowing the common read rate, channel on/off, and the filename to be changed. The data is stored in ASCII format in the form of LPR resistance. The front panel has 30 groups of 3 (RE, AE and WE) 4mm connectors for ease of wiring.

A very useful instrument for multiple LPR testing, 30 channels around 30 different rest potentials in parallel is unique.

[Parallel 30 LPR Datasheet]