For version 5 instruments that are measuring incorrectly or will not communicate, the first thing to do is turn everything off and back on again. Next run the total tester software.  If you do not have the total tester software then request a software update from ACM, giving your instruments serial number.

The total tester software requires the test box for some tests. If the test box is not available then 500Ω and 20KΩ 1% resistors can be used.  When asked for the 500Ω setting connect WE1 (and possibly WEs) to one side of the resistor, RE and AE to the other, but do not connect WE2. Connect the 20KΩ resistor in the same way when asked for the 20KΩ setting.

The total tester help pages can also help solve problems.  These can be found in the total tester software or on-line here.

For additional help with USB or Serial communication problems see USB to serial Converter, Communication problem and Windows Vista, 7 and 8 USB Drivers which also includes video demonstrations on how to update your USB drivers and how to reset your USB drivers and a USB Reset Tool program.

Please contact ACM Instruments if you need further assistance.

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