• Twelve Potentiostats
  • Twelve ZRAs
  • Adjustable Current Limit
  • Fixed Range
  • +/- 4 V Polarisation


  • Parallel Testing
  • NDT
  • Bio Fouling
  • Sensitisation
  • Cathodic Disbondment

The Cautious 12 is a stand alone manual instrument consisting of twelve potentiostats grouped in two groups of 6.

Each group has the polarisation voltage set by a ten turn dialled knob covering the range 0 - 4 Volts. Next to the dialled knob is a switch marked +/-, this sets the polarity of the set potential. Each group also has both Anodic and Cathodic current limits. Set by two ten turned dialled knobs covering the range 0 to 10  micro Amps. It is this ability to limit the currents to avoid cell damage that prompted the name, Cautious 12. The current is measured by a fixed range Zero Resistance Ammeter (ZRA) giving an output voltage of one volt per micro Amp. Connections are made via 4mm plugs at the front panel.

If very low current, potentiostatic parallel tests are needed, with no recording of data and adjustable current limits then the good value Cautious 12 could be the ideal instrument.

[Cautious 12 Datasheet]