ACM Instruments Field Logger

ACM Instruments Field Logger

Introducing our brand new Field Instrument - The Field Logger

The Field Logger is a stand-alone data logger which is capable of recording potential vs. time and LPR vs. time data. The instrument is battery powered and records data onto an attached SD memory card. The instrument is entirely contained within a waterproof (IP67), tough polycarbonate enclosure (23x19x11cm), with probe connection via a single high quality watertight Lemo or Amphenol connector.

We conservatively estimate battery life to be greater than 6 months, depending on the nature of the data recorded, from a single lithium cell. Data storage on a 2GB SD card is more than 300 million potential readings (over 10 years at one reading per second), or more than 190 million LPR readings. We're investigating solar power and other methods of data retrieval to give almost unlimited running time.

The Field Logger is aimed at long term monitoring of corrosion rates and/or inhibitor function in pipelines and other installations. The data collected is suitable for use with our LCM™ technique to monitor pitting corrosion in-situ.

The instrument is also well suited to long term experiments in the lab, reliably monitoring potential and/or LPR vs time for months on batteries or indefinitely with battery backed-up external power.

We're also investigating an EIS capable version for long term coatings monitoring, if you are interested or have any suggestions please let us know.

All configuration options are user adjustable and are stored on the same SD card used for data storage, so one unit is configurable for a range of applications.

Standard specification:

Cell connection: Standard 3 electrode, WE, RE & AE
Sweep range including offset: ±3V
Compliance voltage: ±3V
Current range: Per customer requirement. Self-adjusting current gain.
ADC Resolution: 16-bits (92µV)
DAC Resolution 14-bits (366µV)
Potential data interval: 1s minimum, 18.2h maximum
LPR data interval: 60s minimum, 45.5 days maximum
LPR sweep length: 30s minimum, 18.2h maximum
LPR sweep data points: 128
Battery: 19Ah Lithium Thionyl Chloride or Li-ion with external charging input e.g. solar panel
Typical battery life: More than 6 months using Thionyl Chloride battery
Data storage: SD flash memory card
Enclosure: IP67 polycarbonate case 23x19x11cm
Software: Configuration editor and data exporter for use with ACM Analysis and/or LCM software.

If you have any questions or have specialist requirements contact Andrew for further information.