• Portable
  • Battery Powered
  • Three Electrode
  • LCD Screen
  • Anodic Polarisation
  • Adjustable Time
  • Four Ranges
  • Industrial Output


  • Replacing Old Units
  • Chemical Plant
  • Control Systems
  • Field Engineer
  • Inhibitor Check

A three electrode corrosion rate meter, with isolated industrial interface.

This compact meter reproduces the function of a popular instrument from the 1970's. Designed for use with 3 electrode probes the Dyno Analyser incorporates an LCD display showing mpy, switched over 4 ranges; 0.2, 2, 20, and 200 mpy. Provided at the rear are two isolated outputs 0-10 V and 4-20 mA, these transmit the corrosion rate to external loggers.

The mode of operation is as follows: The rest potential of the three electrode cell is measured and used as the offset potential for the potentiostat. The auxiliary electrode is enabled and a 10 mV Anodic offset applied. After a set time the current is recorded and calculated into corrosion rate, this is sent to the LCD screen and rear isolated outputs. The cycle then repeats.

The time constant for the polarisation is set on the front panel via two rotary knobs covering a range 1-49 minutes. Also on the front panel is a switch that allows the last corrosion rate reading to be held on the meter.

An accurate manual instrument that performs one, slightly unusual, test well.

[Dyno Analyser Datasheet]