• Supplied Guard Ring
  • Built in CuSO4 Electrode
  • Focuses to Rebar
  • Fits all ACM Instruments
  • Rough Surfaces
  • Measures V, Rsol, Rct
  • Lightweight
  • Fast Technique <20sec


  • Precise Breakout
  • Wall Mapping
  • All Concrete Surfaces
  • Insurance Surveys
  • Cure Testing
  • Crack Location
  • Rust Staining

A Guard Ring for measuring corrosion rate, cell potential and bulk resistance of concrete structures. The GalvoGuard is a complete kit that enables any Field Machine, Gill AC or Gill 8/12 to perform galvanostatic pulses on concrete surfaces using the supplied guard ring for precise location of rebar areas.

Using a pulse of between 5 and 500 MicroAmps for 5-20 seconds the voltage from the reference electrode is logged at 50 times per second for the duration of the pulse. From the initial change inpotential the Solution Resistance is calculated and then from the latter potentials the Corrosion Rate is determined.

The Guard Ring simply connects to the front panel via the supplied cables. Incorporated into the Guard Ring are a Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode, a platinised titanium auxiliary and a large platinised titanium guard. The front of the Guard Ring is covered with conductive foam for electrical connection to the concrete surface. Control electronics are mounted in the Guard handle to ensure maximum noise rejection and lightweight. Easy to use software builds up a 2D data base  for plotting of half cell potential, corrosion rate, and solution resistance.

An excellent addition for concrete mapping, the GalvoGuard focuses the current field to the reinforcement for precise location. 

[GalvoGuard Datasheet]