• 32 Channels
  • Lab Grade Potentiostat
  • AC Impedance
  • LPR
  • Current & Voltage Noise
  • Potentiostatic
  • Temperature Monitoring


  • Bridge Decks
  • Bund Walls
  • Whole Building Monitor
  • Chloride Uptake
  • Concrete Cracking

A 32 channel system designed for long term monitoring of embedded probes in concrete. Concrete monitoring can be a very long term project. There are three ways to achieve the data:

  1. Testing on a regular basis with a portable monitor
  2. In-situ single channel, single technique data loggers
  3. Multifunction, multielectrode instrumentation.

The ACM Field Machine is an example of type 1. This is able to perform all the techniques required but when many probes are involved can become very labour intensive.

Type 2 is represented by the type of data logger commonly used to record temperature in schools and colleges. Monitoring 32 probes requires 32 dataloggers each performing one test only. To retrieve the data they have to be manually accessed and give no real time data.

The Concrete 32 is the third type. This can use all of the techniques of the Field Machine such as AC Impedance, Current and Voltage, LPR, and potential monitoring etc. plus it will also perform temperature measurement via Pt resistance probes. It covers 32 embedded probes and the data gathered can be seen in real time.

The probe connections to the instrument are specified when ordering, perhaps Mil screw thread, D connector, 4mm plug, front or rear. All can be accommodated at no extra cost. Using laboratory grade precision for static monitoring may appear to be excessive but when all 32 channels share the same potentiostat, ZRA and analysers it makes good sense to go for quality, and adds very little to the cost of the instrument.

A dedicated versatile concrete monitor, loaded with techniques and very cost effective.

 [Concrete 32 Datasheet]