• Long Range RS485
  • Short Leads to Cell
  • Potentiostat and ZRA
  • Three electrode LPR
  • Up to 30 probes


  • Nuclear Storage
  • Large Plant
  • Dangerous Locations
  • Refineries
  • Food Production

An industrial monitoring system, using RS485 to link LPR instruments.

This system is built up of small instruments each containing a potentiostat, Zero Resistance Ammeter, DAC, ADC, microcontroller, interface and power supply. Up to 30 are hardwired into a two wire loop distributed around a plant. Each performs an LPR sweep to determine the corrosion rate at that point. The supplied software addresses the LPR boxes, providing a set up screen to allow user selectable scan intervals, performing the data capture and providing a flexible display and print option. The data received is analysed according to the usual Linear Polarisation Resistance calculation route.

A graphical display of each probe indicates the probe location and corrosion rate in mm/yr versus time. The time axis capable of been rescaled. In addition the values of the calculated LPR's are available. It is possible to print graphs and LPR values and also to export the data to a spreadsheet such as Excel.

A simple to use system that utilises RS485 for long distance distribution of measurement points.

[LPR 485 Datasheet]