Manufacturers of floating Electrochemical Instrumentation since 1985. ACM Instruments offers high precision automated potentiostats and software at affordable prices. Our instrumentation is used in a wide range of industries such as Aerospace, Atmospheric, Batteries, Bioelectrochemistry, Central Heating, ConcreteCorrosion, Electrochemistry, Electroplating, Fuel Cells, Inhibitors, Marine, Nuclear, Paints & Coatings, Traditional and Welds plus many more. We offer the most diverse range of instrumentation on the market today.

Our range of instrumentation covers all Corrosion and Electrochemistry testing; Potentiostat, Zero Resistance Ammeter (ZRA), Frequency Response Analyser (FRA) and Galvanostat capabilities of our standard instruments enable all standard test techniques to be performed, such as Current & Voltage Noise, AC Impedance (EIS), Cyclic Sweep (Potentiodynamic sweeps), Step & Sweep LPR, Galvanodynamic Sweeps, IR Compensation, Corrosion Rate plus many more. Please view Techniques for more details.

For the laboratory, we can provide single channel instruments such as Gill AC, multiple sequential instruments such as Gill 8, Gill 12 or Weld Tester. We make parallel channel instrumentation such as the Bi-Stat, Pot 16, Gal 16, GalvoGill 12, Isolated 30, Parallel 30 LPR, Zed 16 and the Anode 16. We also build weatherproof on-site or portable instrumentation such as the Field Machine for use out in the field. For educational purposes ACM supply Traditional instrumentation like our Manual Potentiostat, Zero Resistance Ammeter and Sweep Generator to give students a real hands-on experience to corrosion and cell setups. ACM Instruments are experts at bespoke instrumentation to meet the needs of even the most unusual application. Please view our product range for more information.

Our customers also like the friendly and helpful service we provide, which seems to be sadly lacking at our competitors. The ability to pick up the phone or e-mail and get straight through to people who can help is one of our selling points.

So whether you are after a standard potentiostat or something no one else seems to offer, contact ACM and we will try to accommodate your every need.