Battery Engine

This is the most powerful instrument we make. Used to test batteries and fuel cells, ACM have combined the accuracy of the Gill AC with the power of an electronic load to produce the Battery Engine. Housed in a purposeful 19" rack the Battery Engine may be specified up to 1000+ Amps. The use of both DC tests and AC impedance allow the battery characteristics to be measured with ease on single cells or cell stacks passing hundreds or even thousands of amps. AC impedance can identify problems that limit a fuel cell’s efficiency and it can determine anodic and cathodic mechanisms.

As a bonus the instrument may be used as a conventional Gill AC for lower range current readings at the flick of a switch.

With the power multiplexer attached, the Battery Engine can test 8 batteries or fuel cells sequentially, under full automatic control from the PC.

All ACM Instruments come with a two year warranty which may, at low cost, be increased to five years for peace of mind. The PC and electronic load come with their manufacturers warranty, usually one year.

The Battery Engine is priced according to the electronic load required.


[Battery Engine Datasheet] [Software Overview]