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Wednesday, 24th January 2018

Our instrumentation is very versatile and used in a wide range of industries all over the world.

Some examples of these industries are displayed below. Even if your particular industry is not displayed, why not contact ACM. You would be surprised at the projects we have helped with in the past.


Click to view Aerospace detailsAerospace   Click to view Atmospheric detailsAtmospheric   Click to view Batteries detailsBatteries   Click to view Bioelectrochemistry detailsBioelectrochemistry
Click to view Central Heating detailsCentral Heating   Concrete bridge section photographConcrete   Rusty old tractorCorrosion   Click to view Electrochemistry detailsElectrochemistry
Click to view Electroplating detailsElectroplating   Click to view Fuel Cells detailsFuel Cells   Click to view Inhibitors detailsInhibitors   Click to to view Marine detailsMarine
Nuclear FissionNuclear   Rusty paint coatingPaints & Coatings   Manual Research PotentiostatManual Zero Resistance AmmeterManual Sweep GeneratorTraditional   WeldingWelds


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