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ACM Instruments prides itself on the after sales support we give.  As part of this dedication we have produced our total care package, which includes the total tester software.

Should a problem arise it is important to find out where the fault lies.  It is easy to blame the instrument when something is not working as it should, but on most occasions it is not the instrumentation that is at fault.  To speed up this process, the total tester can not only check the instrumentation, but also guide you through possible causes.

To begin with, run the instrument through the total tester to check if the instrument is functioning properly.  If a test should fail, follow the advice given.  If the instrument passes all tests, but you still believe there to be a problem, select the most relevant page in the list to the left.

There is no replacement for experience, so if you get stuck, just call us.  Contact details can be found here.