Below are pieces of software which are still in development.  As such they are in an incomplete state, will contain errors and should not be used on important experiments.

Support for the following programs is via e-mail only.  Please contact Andrew with any problems, questions or suggestions.

Live MPY Table

This is a small program to display the last corrosion rate from any version 5 instrument presently running on the PC.  It is an example of how an additional piece of software can query the Core Running to produce a real time indication, specific to the customers requirements.

  1. Software - setup_livempytable.exe
  2. Manual - manual_livempytable.pdf

USB driver reset tool - V1.1.0

A small utility to try and detect issues with the FTDI USB to serial drivers used by ACM Instruments USB to serial cables and USB instruments.

  1. Program - FTDIreset.exe
  2. ZIP archive -