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Sunday, 18th February 2018

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AC Impedance - apn-AC Impedance-v1.0.pdf
Notes on measuring cell impedance over a range of frequencies.

Cell Design - apn-CellDesign-v1.0.pdf
Hints & tips for good cell design.

Concrete - apn-Concrete-v1.0.pdf
Information about corrosion tests involving concrete.

Critical Pitting Temperature - apn-CriticalPittingTemperature-v1.0.pdf
Information about our Critical Pitting Temperature technique.

Current & Voltage Noise - apn-Current&VoltageNoise-v1.0.pdf
Information about the Current & Voltage Noise technique.

Cyclic Voltammetry - apn-CyclicVoltammetry-v1.0.pdf
Information about the Cyclic Voltammetry technique

Electrical Resistance - apn-ER-v1.0.pdf
Information about Electrical Resistance testing.

Guard Ring - apn-GuardRing-v1.0.pdf
Application notes for our Guard Ring equipment.

Inhibitors - apn-Inhibitors-v1.0.pdf
Information about using our equipment for testing of corrosion inhibitors.

IR Compensation - apn-IRCompensation-v1.0.pdf
Using IR Compensation to negate voltage drop.

Linear Polarisation Resistance - apn-LPR-v1.0.pdf
Information about the Linear Polarisation Resistance technique.

Multiphase Flow - apn-LPRNoiseInMPE-v1.0.pdf
Notes on our Multi-Phase Flow technique.

Non-metallic Coatings - apn-NonMetallicCoatings-v1.0.pdf
Testing non-metallic coatings using our Paint Buffer (now called Femto-Amp).

Potentiostatic - apn-Potentiostatic-v1.0.pdf
Information on the Potentiostatic technique.

Seawater - apn-SeaWater-v1.0.pdf
Notes on tests involving seawater.

Welds - apn-Welds-v1.0.pdf
Notes on testing of complex metallic systems such as welds.

Application Notes for Noise Pickup in your system.

Instrumentation Noise - apn-InstrumentNoise-v1.0.pdf
Details on types and sources of noise and how limit noise.

Noise Induction - apn-NoiseInduction-v1.0.pdf
Avoiding noise pickup in your test system.

Noise Reduction Probe - apn-Noise-ReducingElectrode-v1.0.pdf
Removing noise from your test system using a Noise Reduction Probe.

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