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Sunday, 18th February 2018
Gill AC
A high specification corrosion monitoring instrument for most AC/DC corrosion tests. Includes a potentiostat, galvanostat and zero resistance ammeter. Up to 32 Gill AC's can be run simultaneously from the same PC with independent control of each instrument. The Gill AC forms the basis of the Gill 8 and Field Machine ranges and can also be run parallel with these instruments.

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Field Machine
Ruggedised laboratory instrument for use in the field. This instrument has its own power source with an outlet for the PC.
Additional power can be taken from the mains or a 12-24V source, such as a car power socket. All cables are provided together with a robust carrying bag.

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Gill 8
Multiple sequential channel laboratory instrument. Typically used for testing inhibitors. Can be supplied as the Gill 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 with the same number of channels. Cables included.

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Pot 16
Sixteen channel cathodic disbondment tester. Combines the reliability and simplicity of a manual instrument with single page software.

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Traditional Zero Resistance Ammeter, Potentiostat and Sweep Generator
Manual instruments for manual control. Ideal for very long term tests.

Click Traditional Zero Resistance Ammeter, Potentiostat or Sweep Generator for more information.

Electrochemical Cell Kit
Traditional cell for corrosion testing.

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Gill 12 Weld Tester
A Gill 12 with the ability to test segmented galvanically coupled welds around the couple potential using galvanic and polarising techniques. An offsetting version is also available. Ideal for testing of multiple electrodes in the same test tank around their individual rest potential.

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Femto Amp
Ideal for high impedance testing on paints and coatings.
Best used with a Faraday cage
Optional extra for Gill AC, Gill 8 and Field Machine.

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Isolated 30
For measurement of galvanic current and potential on up to 30 galvanic couples in the same electrolyte with optical isolation between channels.

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LPR Meter and bespoke LPR Meter
A traditional battery/mains powered LPR Meter and a bespoke LPR Meter for in situ long term monitoring in the field.

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Weld animation
This 25+ year old Weld animation was created using Microsoft DOS Paint using 4 colour CGA mode. It was shown in Manchester, UK in 1989 for a corrosion conference.

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